25 Entrepreneurs, Including 2 Sharks, Share What They're Thankful For

“One of the things I’m truly thankful for is my team and the faith that they’ve had in me and in my vision. I am incredibly lucky and humbled by my team, even leaving well-paying careers to really kind of come on this adventure, to really kind of take a whirl in the startup space.

“You know, I am not in my 20s. So I have 20 years of industry experience or what have you, and it’s very different, here in Philadelphia, when the local newspaper calls us one of the stellar startups in healthcare. The other founder-entrepreneurs that I was standing up onstage next to are like, less than 30. I’m like, OK, this is a little different, but whatever! So absolutely, I want to give thanks to all of the folks who helped me build this thing, because without them, it just wouldn’t have come together.”


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25 Entrepreneurs, Including 2 Sharks, Share What They’re Thankful For

ByNina Zipkin

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