3 Tips to Supercharge Your Selling

To start, realize that sales aren’t about convincing people to do something they’d rather avoid.

17, 2019

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In this interview, Emily Richett takes us inside Funnel Hacking Live, ClickFunnels’ annual live business conference, to talk about the power of shifting your mindset and appealing to your audience’s emotions. She sits down with Myron Golden, a business trainer, speaker and author of From The Trash Man To The Cash Man: How Anyone Can Get Rich Starting From Anywhere.

Golden overcame a lot of adversity on his path toward success, from being diagnosed with polio as an infant to driving a garbage truck for $6.25 an hour and struggling to keep the lights on.

He says he needed to shift his mindset to focus on abundance instead of lack, but in order to pull himself out of financial struggle, he also needed to see other people who were financially successful and he needed to appeal to others’ emotions.

Here are his top three tips to closing more sales.

1. Choose your focus

“Abundance and lack are always both present, and we get the one we focus on,” Golden says. “You believe that lack is everywhere, and so that’s all you see … When you believe abundance is there, then you get to see the abundance.”

2. Sell by empowering

Golden said he started to find success in sales when he finally realized that “selling is not about convincing people to do something they don’t want to do; selling is about empowering people and freeing people from their inhibitions so that they can do something that they already desire to do.”

3. Focus on emotion over intellect

Golden says you should “talk to the person’s emotion, don’t talk to their logic … communicate heart-to-heart, not head-to-head.”

He adds, “If you can show them clearly how they would look experiencing the result that they desire, not only do you not have to get them to buy, you can’t stop them from buying.”

Watch the full interview for more advice from Myron Golden and the AMPLIFY series.

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3 Tips to Supercharge Your Selling

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