8BitDo’s tiny $20 keychain controller is now available

8BitDo, which is known for its high-quality third-party controllers and its retro-inspired designs, is launching a tiny, keychain-sized Bluetooth controller called the Zero 2. It’s compatible with Windows, macOS, Raspberry Pi, Android devices, and both the Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite. The controller, which was first teased last summer at E3, is now available to purchase for $20 and it comes in pink, yellow, and turquoise. Unfortunately, it seems the retro Nintendo finish from last year’s teaser image isn’t available just yet.

At just 20 grams, the controller is small enough to carry around as a keychain, which the company provides. That’ll come in super handy if you’re at a friend’s place and you happen to need an extra controller, or if you want to play games on a flight but want to pack light. It charges via Micro USB, and one to two hours of charging time provides eight hours of play, 8BitDo says. It’s got the bare minimum amount of buttons you need for 2D games: a D-pad, four face buttons, two shoulder buttons, Start, and Select. It can be paired as an X-input or D-input device.

Source: 8BitDo’s tiny $20 keychain controller is now available

By Dami Lee

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