• Apple unveiled its iPhone 12 lineup on Tuesday, which includes four brand new iPhones.
  • The addition of 5G connectivity was the highlight of the announcement, but the new iPhones also come with a slew of other noteworthy changes.
  • The iPhones have a new design with flat edges, refreshed size options, and cameras that are better at seeing in the dark.
  • Here’s a closer look at the most important changes.
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Apple finally took the wraps off its iPhone 12 lineup on Tuesday, revealing four new smartphones that come with a slew of updates ranging from new designs to improved camera quality.

The biggest update, however, is the introduction of 5G technology, a feature that will be critical for the iPhone’s future as carriers develop their next-generation wireless networks over the coming months and years.

“Today is the beginning of a new era for iPhone,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said during the keynote.

Apple introduced the $700 iPhone 12 Mini, $800 iPhone 12,  $1,000 iPhone 12 Pro, and $1,100 iPhone 12 Pro Max on Tuesday. The Pro models have an additional zoom lens, a LiDAR scanner for better performance in augmented reality apps and autofocus when taking photos, brighter screens, and more storage at the base level.

Here’s a closer look at the biggest changes Apple is introducing with its latest iPhones. 


Source: Apple iPhone 12 biggest features: Mini size, MagSafe charger, 5G

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