Apple has released its commercial for the 2019 holidays. And it’s a commercial designed to make you cry. Hard. However, the ad also shows how technology can be used for good rather than bad. Which is a message all geeks and nerds should support.

Apple has an annual tradition of posting its longer-form TV commercials online. And many have won awards for the way they show how technology can snugly fit into family life. And this year’s entry, titled The Surprise, may be the best Apple ad yet.

Apple Sells iPads Using the Power of Pixar

The Surprise shows a family embarking on a trip across the US. And, as is typical with most families, the kids are obsessed by their mobile devices. In this case, an iPad. Using it in the car and on the plane. So far, so unsurprising. But do stick with it.

The family then arrives at grandpa’s house, where we learn that he’s recently lost his wife. The kids are still obsessed with their iPad, and even wrap it up for Christmas. Grandpa unwraps it, and we discover what they’ve spent their time doing.

It turns out they’ve been using their iPad to make the perfect Christmas gift. The ad is accompanied by “Married Life” by Michael Giacchino, a song from the movie Up. And it’s the perfect soundtrack to this touching story of love and loss. And iPads.

Apple Hopes to Trigger an Emotional Response

Apple is clearly seeking to trigger an emotional response here. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this ad makes you cry. Especially if it touches a nerve with you personally. However, it’s also designed to show how technology can be used for good.

It’s a cracking commercial which works on multiple levels. And while the main point is that the iPad can be used to create as well as consume, it’s a defense of technology as a whole. So be sure to read our luddite’s guide to modern technology

The Luddite’s Guide to Modern Technology

The Luddite’s Guide to Modern Technology

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over the holidays.

Source: Apple’s Holiday Commercial Will Make You Cry

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