Apple’s Pro iPhones, new iPads, and 16-inch MacBook Pro detailed in Bloomberg report

Multiple details about Apple’s upcoming lineup of iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and Watches have emerged in a new report from Bloomberg. According to the report, two of the iPhones will be camera-focused “Pro” phones, with a new triple-lens camera design that will include a wide-angle lens for the first time in an Apple phone. Alongside the new phones, the report also includes details about the company’s plans for its upcoming iPads, Apple Watches, and a new MacBook Pro. The report also claims that Apple could release new AirPods and a smaller, cheaper HomePod as soon as next year.

The report claims that the two Pro iPhones — which will reportedly replace the company’s existing iPhone XS and XS Max — will be announced next month alongside a third model that’s set to replace last year’s iPhone XR. A previous rumor suggests that Apple is planning a September 10th launch event for its latest phones. We’ve heard these rumors for months, but Bloomberg’s report also offers some new details about the so-called iPhone 11 (final naming is unknown). Apple is said to be planning a multi-angle Face ID sensor, allowing the feature to work when the iPhone 11 is flat on a table. The handset is also rumored to include some form of shatter-resistance technology that will help when the iPhone is dropped.

The report doesn’t give exact details on when we might see Apple announce and release the new iPad, MacBook Pro, and Apple Watch models, but Bloomberg notes that it expects them to come at some point in 2019.

The current top-end iPhones feature a dual-lens camera design.
Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Check out the highlights of the report’s predictions for Apple’s 2019 lineup below.

Apple’s 2019 iPhones

  • Three models in total. Two will be called “Pro” models and will replace the iPhone XS and XS Max. A third phone will reportedly replace the iPhone XR and will include dual cameras.
  • The Pro iPhones will feature triple rear cameras that will include a wide-angle lens, support for higher resolution photos, better low light performance, and better video recording capabilities.
  • These Pro phones will also support reverse wireless charging similar to what Samsung offers with the Galaxy S10. This will allow the phones to charge the AirPods when used with their wireless charging case.
  • Other details include a new, multi-angle, Face ID sensor which will allow the phone to sense your face while lying flat on a table, better waterproofing, and new shatter-resistance technology. Bloomberg doesn’t specify which of the new models these features will come to. All the phones will reportedly include a faster A13 processor, as well as a new Matrix chip that could benefit computer vision and augmented reality performance.
  • Outside of a new matte-colored finish, the Pro phones will look broadly similar to last year’s models.
  • 3D Touch has reportedly been dropped from all of this year’s phones and replaced with the Haptic Touch system that debuted with the iPhone XR last year.
  • Don’t expect a 5G iPhone this year; Apple isn’t reportedly planning on releasing one until 2020.
  • The upgrades for this year’s iPhone XR successor are more minor. As well as a faster processor, the phone will reportedly feature a dual-camera at the rear with support for optical zoom, and will also be available in a new green color.

The overall appearance of this year’s iPad Pros are expected to be consistent with last year’s models (pictured).
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Apple’s 2019 iPads

  • Apple is reportedly planning to release new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros this year. Bloomberg says these will feature “upgraded cameras,” although it doesn’t mention whether they will have more than one camera on their rear. Faster processors are also expected, but their overall appearance will apparently remain the same.
  • Bloomberg claims that Apple will discontinue its existing entry-level 9.7-inch iPad in favor of a new 10.2-inch model.

Apple’s 2019 MacBook Pros

  • Bloomberg’s report also corroborates previous rumors about Apple launching a new 16-inch MacBook Pro this year. The new laptop will reportedly be similar in size overall to the existing 15-inch MacBook Pro, but will be able to include a bigger screen because of a reduction in the size of its screen bezels. The 16-inch MacBook Pro will reportedly be aimed squarely at the professional market, but there’s no details on whether the much-maligned keyboard will be improved.

Apple’s 2019 Apple Watch

  • Echoing previous rumors about Apple’s smartwatch plans for this year, Bloomberg claims that there will be new case finishes offered this year, but that otherwise the upgrades will be focused around software improvements in watchOS 6.

Source: Apple’s Pro iPhones, new iPads, and 16-inch MacBook Pro detailed in Bloomberg report

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