Best Nintendo Switch deals, prices, and bundles: September 2020


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Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch debuted in March 2017, while the smaller Switch Lite was released in September 2019.


  • Both the original Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite have been hard to find online as they continue to explode in popularity, but we’ve been keeping an eye on the best deals for Switch consoles, games, and accessories.
  • We’ll update this list regularly with the top Nintendo Switch deals as new discounts are announced.
  • Right now, “Super Mario Maker 2” is on sale for $39.99, which is $20 off its regular price.

The Nintendo Switch has been the best-selling video game console on the planet since its release in March 2017, and it’s become one of the hottest products of 2020 as people look for ways to entertain themselves during the coronavirus pandemic.

Nintendo Switch sales doubled in March 2020 compared to March 2019, and even surpassed the number of consoles sold during the Switch’s first month in March 2017, according to data from the NPD Group. 

Nintendo’s $300 hybrid console offers many of the most popular games on the market in a portable package, with the option to connect the Switch to a larger television or home entertainment system. The $200 Switch Lite is smaller and can’t connect to your TV, but it’s still a popular pick for parents who want an affordable alternative to the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, and gamers who want a second console.

Switch exclusive titles include iconic Nintendo franchises like “Super Mario,” “Pokémon” and “The Legend of Zelda.” The latest Nintendo exclusive, “Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” was the best-selling game of March 2020 and is already the top selling game in the series.

Below, we’ve collected the best deals on Nintendo Switch consoles, exclusive games, and accessories. These discounts should all come in handy whether you’re looking to buy a Switch for the first time, building your library of games, or trying to find the cheapest price on a Switch peripheral.

Here are the best Nintendo Switch deals for September 2020:

Prices and links are current as of 9/11/2020. Added new deals for Nintendo Switch games. Removed deals that are no longer active. Updated by Steven Cohen.


Source: Best Nintendo Switch deals, prices, and bundles: September 2020

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