The saying, “knowledge is power”, has been around in various forms for a millennium. In today’s information economy, this turn of phrase seems more relevant than ever. To help you build your own knowledge, Big Think Edge offers over 200 lectures from the brightest minds of the 21st century — from Elon Musk to Malcolm Gladwell. You can currently get lifetime access for $159.99 at MakeUseOf Deals, saving 36% on the full price.

The Ultimate Education

While learning new skills is always valuable, absorbing big ideas and hard-earned wisdom can be even more powerful. Big Think Edge delivers both by the bucketload.

Used by Pfizer and Citi, this online library offers over 200 video lectures and 60 deep-dive lessons from Ivy League professors, entrepreneurs, Nobel Prize winners, and other world-class experts. The videos cover a variety of self-improvement subjects, from emotional intelligence to creativity and leadership.

Along with the names mentioned above, you can learn from Andrew Yang, Bryan Cranston, Sharon Salzberg, Tim Ferriss, and Sara Blakely. Big Think Edge has a total of 150 experts signed up.

As a subscriber, you get unlimited access to all the lessons on mobile and desktop devices plus bonus content.

Save 36% on Lifetime Learning

Worth $250, lifetime subscriptions are now only $159.99.

You can also get three years for $69.99 (worth $150), two years for $49.99 (worth $100), or one year for $29.99 (worth $50)

Source: Big Think Edge Gives You Access to 200 Video Lectures from World-Renowned Experts like Tim Ferriss

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