Discord Brings Animated Stickers to Chats

Some users now have access to Discord’s lively sticker collection.

Discord chats are about to get livelier than ever. The platform is rolling out animated stickers that you can use to add a little more flair to your conversations.

Discord Adds Animated Stickers to Chats

Discord Finally Gets Stickers

A number of social media outlets already utilize stickers, and now Discord is joining in on the fun. The text and audio chat platform introduced its new sticker feature in a post on the Discord Blog.

Like the stickers you already know and love, Discord’s stickers will also be animated. This means that you’ll no longer be limited to using a GIF or static emoji when you want to express yourself.

Discord Sticker Choices
Image Credit: Discord

Discord’s stickers won’t come without a price. While both Discord Nitro and Classic subscribers will get free, permanent access to the What’s Up Wumpus sticker pack, other packs will come with a price tag.

Discord Wumpus Elite Pack
Image Credit: Discord

But if you have a Discord Nitro subscription, you’ll get a some additional perks when it comes to stickers. Not only will you get access to the exclusive Wumpus Nitro Elite sticker pack (pictured above), but you’ll also get 33 percent off all additional sticker packs.

Unfortunately, not everyone will get access to stickers right away. For now, Discord is only rolling out stickers for some Canadian users on its desktop and iOS apps. The platform plans on releasing stickers to Android devices and to the rest of the world once it gets enough feedback.

Using Stickers on Discord

If you’re one of the lucky users who gets early access to stickers on Discord, you’ll spot the Stickers tab in between the GIFs and Emoji headings while composing a message.

But if you don’t have access to stickers just yet, you can still enjoy all of the other fantastic features that Discord has to offer.


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