Final Fantasy 7 Remake: watch the gorgeous new opening movie

We’ve seen plenty of trailers for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake already, but the latest shows something particularly exciting: the very first moments of the game. Today, Square Enix released a five-minute “opening movie,” which is a blend of new elements and powerful nostalgia.

The clip opens with a detailed look at the revamped Midgar, FFVII’s dark, gritty metropolis. Here, it looks like a vibrant, living place, complete with construction workers going about their jobs and kids speeding across the streets on their bikes. It gives a good sense of how much work went into rebuilding the PlayStation classic, which originally launched in 1997. From there, things get more familiar, with the flower girl Aerith on a busy street at night, before looking up at the stars in the sky. This is then followed by a train rushing toward an energy reactor with the familiar Nobuo Uematsu score playing in the background. That’s where the real action begins — and the opening sequence ends.

This is just the latest in a fairly large lineup of prerelease trailers, which cover everything from hero Cloud to summon monsters to the famous cross-dressing scene. Originally slated to launch next month, FFVII Remake is coming to the PS4 on April 10th.

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Source: Final Fantasy 7 Remake: watch the gorgeous new opening movie

By Andrew Webster

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