Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s new trailer is all about Cloud

The long-awaited release of Final Fantasy VII Remake is quickly approaching, but in the mean time at least we have this nice, new look at Cloud Strife. Square Enix released the game’s latest trailer tonight at The Game Awards, and its focused exclusively on everyone’s favorite spiky-haired protagonist. The trailer provides a bit of backstory, which should be useful to those new to the game, though it doesn’t answer important questions, like why Cloud’s sword is so big.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is launching on the PS4 on March 3rd, though it’s a timed exclusive, meaning it could hit other platforms in 2021. The release will represent the early, Midgar-focused portion of the original game, while subsequent titles are already in development. “We’re also now starting to continue planning it out and outlining the overall content of the second game,” producer Yoshinori Kitase told The Verge back at E3.

Source: Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s new trailer is all about Cloud

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