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Did you know that you can buy a domain that already has a strong backlink profile and existing targeted traffic?

Best of all, these domains are not expensive. In fact, they often cost as much as a new domain!

So if you want to:

  • Build a new authority site to beat your competitors
  • Create a strong private blog network to boost your backlink profile

…use expired domains.

Below, I’ll show you what you can do with expired domains and how you can find them with Domain Hunter Gatherer and Spamzilla. But before we dive into the details, let’s look at what expired domains are.

What Is An Expired Domain?

Expired domains are domains that have been registered but not renewed. After a domain hasn’t been renewed within 30 days past its expiration date, it will go up for auction.

Expired domains are best for:


    1. Building Authority Sites


Did you know that when I build an authority site, I always look to expired domains?

Registering an expired domain that has a strong backlink profile gives me a major leg up in the race. Think of it this way. If I registered a new domain, I’d have to invest in building its domain ranking and authority. Not only does this take time, but it also costs a lot of money as well.

I find that building quality content on powerful expired domains is often enough to land a spot in the first page of the  SERP rankings (without needing to invest in building out backlinks.)

For example:

  • I purchased this domain from Spamzilla from July 2nd. A month later on August 17th, the site gained its first featured snippet.



  • Building a Private Blog Network


Expired domains are also a great opportunity to build numerous high authoritative sites within a specific niche. You can leverage these websites to build backlinks to boost your site’s ranking.

You’ll need to make sure that these expired domains:

  • Are in your niche
  • Have a clean link profile
  • Have a spam-free history
  1. 301 Redirects

You can also use expired domains to 301 redirect back to your website, giving you:

  • Link juice
  • Authority of the expired domain
  • Traffic from the expired domain

However, don’t rely on this method as a regular link building strategy. While you can get away with it 1 or 2 times, you can get penalized if you use it too much.

Finding Expired Domains

There are many different ways to find expired domains.

However, the easiest way is to use:

I’ll show you how to get started below.

Domain Hunter Gatherer


  1. To set up Domain Hunter Gatherer, jump to ‘Settings.’


  1. Add Primary proxies.


You need to add primary proxies because search engines place a limit on each IP address in terms of the number of queries searched in a specific period. You can get around this problem with proxies because they allow you to run queries from multiple IP Addresses.


You’ll need to buy Proxies. I recommend BuyProxies.Org. You can get cheap semi-dedicated proxies from here.


  1. Add the IP Addresses to the Primary Proxies Column.



  1. Make sure you select ‘Use These Proxies For’ all options besides Quality Checking.



  1. Click Apply and Save.


Domain Auctions


  1. Select ‘Domain Auction Hunter,.’ Then choose ‘Hunt Domains.’ Enter your keywords into the search bar.



  • Click ‘Search.’  Choose ‘All Auctions.’




  1. Domain Hunter Gatherer will take expired domains from numerous auction sites relevant to the keywords you entered into the search bar.


  1. You should then see a list of domains relevant to your keyword that are available.


  1. To analyze these domains, select ‘Analyze Domains.’


You can access more data by right-clicking the top row.


  1. You can also check for spam with their ‘Domain spam rating.’




The spam test assesses:

  • Basic Trust Metrics
  • Anchor text distribution
  • Bad words in anchor text
  • Link addresses of backlink




You can view more information about a domain by right-clicking the domain. Then click ‘View notes’ to get a complete breakdown.




  1. Sign into Spamzilla. Spamzilla’s dashboard looks like this.


  1. Enter the keywords relevant to your niche.


If you have any specific requirements from expired domains, click on filters. Select and enter the requirements you need.


  1. Hit the search icon. Spamzilla will return a list of metrics from:
  • Majestic
  • Moz


Spamzilla also has its own metrics:

    • SZ Score: Measures how clean the domain is


  • SZ Parked: Number of domain parking pages discovered in domain history


  • SZ Drops: Number of domain drops recorded for the domain





If you’re not sure of what the metrics mean, simply hover your mouse over the name and you’ll find a short description describing what they are.


  1. I recommend you focus on a site’s:
  • SZ Score
  • Majestic TF, CT, and TF/CF Ratio
  • Moz’s Da and PA
  • Backlink Profile (For a deeper understanding, subscribe and connect with Ahrefs)
  • Domain History (Click onto SZ Score)


  1. To spam-check an expired domain, look into the website’s ‘SZ Score.’ Click on the SZ Score to see what the website appeared like in the past.




You can view domain screenshots and access the source of the top 100 backlinks from each site.


  1. If there is red text next to the Spam message, click on ‘Show More’ to view more details.




So if you’re keen to:

  • Build a new authority site
  • Boost your current website’s authority


…go with expired domains.


You can take advantage of an expired domain’s link juice, authority and organic traffic to beat your competitors. Furthermore, these expired domains go for the same price as a new domain so they’re not expensive or costly at all!


But it can be hard knowing where to buy and what to look for with expired domains.


If you’re feeling stuck, use:

  • Domain Hunter Gatherer: A Comprehensive desktop tool that can help you find and filter thousands of expired domains in real-time.
  • Spamzilla: An easy-to-use web tool that can quickly help you find expired domains with great backlink profiles


What are you waiting for?


Slingshot past the competition with expired domains today!


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