Gadget Lab Podcast: Is Facebook Forever?


SL: Well, when I started to do the actual writing of Facebook: the Inside Story, actually, as I started doing the researching, I decided to abandon Microsoft Word, and use a different product. Everyone was telling me about this word processor writing tool called Scrivener. It costs a fraction of what word costs. It’s faster, it’s better, and it’s project oriented, so there’s even a way that you could say, “I’m writing a nonfiction book.” And it allows you to write in chapters, and bring in all your research. You could go to screenplay mode, and write a screenplay, and it’s a very fast, fantastic word processor. You don’t have to pay a monthly subscription. It works even when the internet is down, and it turned out to be of great use to me in writing this book, and I’m stuck with it.

LG: And how much does it cost?

SL: 50 bucks.

LG: All right, there we go. Well, that is indeed a fraction of Word. Also, I’ll have everybody know that when we were chatting about this earlier, as Steven said, “Oh I wrote the book on Scrivener.” And I, for a moment I thought he actually wrote a book on it, because he’s written so many books about tech companies. He has not yet written a book on Scrivener, but I’m guessing 2021, that’s your next project?

SL: Yeah, I was talking. My next book, yeah, I’m going to interview hundreds of people at Scrivener.

LG: Exactly. If you can find that. Okay, thank you for that recommendation.

SL: The Russian incursion into Scrivener.

LG: Right, Lazy Bear, deep into Scrivener, yeah. Okay.

SL: The climax of my book.

MC: Write it in Cyrillic.

SL: They do handle Cyrillic, yeah.

LG: What’s your recommendation?

MC: My recommendation is the New York Times cooking app, which is now on Android. It came out in October, and I downloaded it right away, and it had all kinds of bugs, and it crashed immediately on my phone, and I hated the experience. But, they have updated it, they have fixed a lot of the bugs and it now works. I have it on two different devices, and it works the same on both devices, and I can not recommend it highly enough. There are fantastic recipes in there that go back decades into the New York Times library, and it’s also a really good community for sharing recipes, bookmarking things. So, that is my recommendation. You do have to be a New York Times subscriber in order to have unfettered access to the New York Times library of recipes within the cooking app.

SL: Is it an extra charge?

MC: No. So if you subscribe to the publication, you also get access to crosswords, and cooking.

LG: That’s how they get you.

MC: That’s how they get you.

LG: Yeah, you want that carrots confit recipe, you’ve got to read the news.

MC: That’s right. So, recommend both of those things, but in particular the cooking thing.

LG: Right, exactly. Just all kinds of servings of vegetables. Your news vegetables, your cooking vegetables, I don’t know.

MC: Yeah, if you’re a Times subscriber, and you’re on an Android device, get the cooking app. It’s awesome.

LG: Okay, that’s a good recommendation.

MC: What is yours?

LG: My recommendation is not a new product. I’m recommending Peloton.


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