Hollow Knight for $7.50 on the Switch is E3 2019’s best deal

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Nintendo’s E3 2019 sale has a lot of great deals, but the best deal of all is on Hollow Knight, which is just $7.50 (usually $14.99). For those who haven’t played it, Hollow Knight is in a league of its own when it comes to side-scrolling action games. The art style of the characters and the worlds are spectacular, and it masterfully scales up the difficulty and doles out item upgrades and skills without feeling unfair.

To be honest, I bounced off of it the first time that I tried it, but after I got a feel for the controls and the environments, 40 hours of my time quickly disappeared. You can reasonably spend over 100 hours doing everything in the game — and you might want to, since the extra quests somehow avoid feeling like a grind. This version comes with all of the add-on DLC released since the game’s debut in 2017.

Even at its regular $14.99 price, it’s a steal. For $7.50, you should absolutely buy this game.

If you already own it, or it’s not your style, Amazon is honoring a few other deals from Nintendo’s E3 sale:

There are more deals that you can find directly through your Switch, or Nintendo’s online game store.

Source: Hollow Knight for $7.50 on the Switch is E3 2019’s best deal

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