How Building a Black Hawk Relates to Running a Startup


Learn the manufacturing lessons this hyper-local media startup applies to business processes to empower its COVID-affected workforce.

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Hear Startup Story Live speaker Ryan Heafy, co-founder of hyperlocal media company 6AM City, share how his experience manufacturing Black Hawk helicopters has prepared him for leading a startup through COVID, particularly as it relates to a distributed workforce and .

For many entrepreneurs and startup leaders, processes are often an afterthought. But, for Ryan process is part of his DNA and an integral part of 6AM City’s founding. Ryan shares the tools he leverages to ensure workforce stability, cultural continuity, and operational norms across the company amidst the pandemic’s disruption. 

Specifically, Ryan talks about the importance of getting legal, financial and HR support early and documenting the company’s playbook to codify and share established, repeatable processes across departments.

Startup Story Live is an extension of the Startup Story podcast.

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How Building a Black Hawk Relates to Running a Startup

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