How Secure Are Your Texts, Really?


So if you’re, for example, at a child’s birthday party and you want to take a picture and you want to post that picture and share it, and somebody says, “I don’t want my kid’s face in it.” You can just blur their face. That will be helpful. Of course, that means that you’re always taking pictures in Signal, but why not? I think every app has the ability to take pictures now. So, just make that your default picture taking app and then you can blur everybody’s faces.

LG: That’s a great tip. I really did not know that existed. Thank you, Mike.

MC: You’re welcome.

LG: I have two recommendations this week. And the first one, I’m actually like embarrassed to share. I’ve been debating whether to share it, but I’ll go ahead. Selling Sunset on Netflix. For those of you-

MC: Oh yes, yes, yes, yes.

LG: Who have not seen this reality show, which I will fondly call an unreality show because it was really … It was first released back in the spring of 2019. And for some reason, it’s just, it’s getting a lot of attention right now. And someone recommended it to me and I said, “I don’t really watch reality shows.” And she said, “No, you need to watch it.” And I got hooked. And then every person I’ve recommended it to since has said, “What have you done? Now, I’m totally hooked.” But it’s a reality series about a bunch of Los Angeles real estate agents, all women, except for their two bosses. And they’re selling multimillion dollar homes, like in the Hollywood Hills and then sometimes in the Valley too. And the show just follows them in their personal lives and their personal drama and these crazy, crazy homes that they’re selling. And because it is pre pandemic, it is one of those shows that just feels completely unreal. They’re at restaurants, they’re hugging and kissing and they’re having big parties and sharing meals, and everything just feels like … And of course, they’re walking into other people’s homes without thinking twice. It just feels like a total throwback to an era that no longer exists. For that reason, it feels very escapist to me.

BB: But Lauren, do you kind of flinch when you see people hug on TV or like-

LG: Yes.

BB: Huddle in closed spaces?

LG: Yes.

BB: It makes me feel weird now.

LG: It feels so weird. Yes, 100 percent. when I watched the HBO show Run, which I recommended it in a much earlier episode, I was cringing about the idea of people being on a crowded train together for an extended period of time and touching the bathroom doors on trains. Yeah. Yeah, I think this is going to be our new reality, but speaking of reality, this is a total guilty pleasure of a reality show, Selling Sunset. Yes, I made that recommendation. But my other recommendation is certainly, it’s very real. And earlier this week, our editor-in-chief, Nick Thompson had a live stream conversation with two of our excellent writers, Adrienne So and Pia Ceres, about the digital divide in education. It’s a topic that Pia has been writing about for WIRED. Adrienne is one of our senior writers who covers products, but she also often dives into the world of parenting and the intersection of parenting and technology.

And Nick is also a parent himself and revealed during this live stream that if media doesn’t work out, he’s going to become a youth soccer coach. But, they had a really great, smart, and enjoyable for these times, conversation about parenting and educating in the time of COVID. With everyone being online, and particularly what it means for kids who come from lower income households. So, I would take a listen to that. We streamed it on Periscope. It’s on WIRED’s main Twitter account, we’ll include a link in the show notes, but yeah, check it out.

So that is my … Those are my two recommendations this week.

MC: Totally solid.

LG: All right, that’s our show. Brian, thanks again for joining us. That was great.

BB: Thank you guys for having me.

LG: And thanks to all of you for listening. If you have feedback we would love to hear from you. You can find us all on Twitter, just check the show notes. This show is produced by the excellent Boone Ashworth. Our executive producer is Alex Kapelman and we’ll be back next week. Goodbye for now, or should I say, “Allo.”


BB: Nice.

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