How to Add Life-Long Customers by Pursuing That 'Wow' Moment


Creating dramatic and memorable moments will help your business stand out.

5, 2019

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In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Jack Canfield discusses how to create a moment that makes your audience say “wow,” which will help you grow your business and improve your relationships. 

To create these experiences, keep in mind the helpful acronym, BUMPER.

  • Big. If an event or invention is bigger than usual, this instantly shocks people. Examples of breath-taking size include Mount Everest, the opening ceremony at the Beijing Olympics or the technically spectacular special effects in the movie Avatar. 
  • Unexpected/unique. Something that stands out from the norm and towers above and beyond the competition. 
  • Memorable. Canfield mentions a few wise words from Maya Angelou, who remarked that though people may forget your words, they will not forget how you made them feel. 
  • Positive. Offering a memorable and positive experience, and customers will come back. 
  • Extra. By paying attention to your customers and then offering an extra perk or gift, you can increase impact and brand awareness. 
  • Relevant. The “wow” moment makes a bigger impact when tied to a person’s specific needs. 

Click the video to hear more.  

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How to Add Life-Long Customers by Pursuing That ‘Wow’ Moment

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