How to Ask for Help From Important People

Don’t take a completely cold approach when asking for a favor.

23, 2019

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Should you be asking strangers for solutions to your problems? Entrepreneur Network partner Jeff Rose explains the answer is, simply, no. 

Most likely, if you have not done anything meaningful for these people you are reaching out to, they are unlikely to suddenly drop everything and try to help you in your goals and career. 

In order to get on an aspirational person’s good side, Rose recommends showing them that you are a big fan of their work and content. For instance, if you would like well-known authors to offer some sort of mentorship, you should purchase their books and other examples of their hard work. If you want to connect with a YouTube celebrity, go to their videos and leave comments. That way, you will make it clear you are interested and want to support the work. 

Click the video to hear more from Rose on how to ask for help from important people. 

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How to Ask for Help From Important People

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