How to Break Bad Habits and Make Better Ones

Don’t fall into old routines that hold you back.

20, 2019

2 min read

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Unfortunately, many of our daily habits can be destructive to our lives. In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner discusses how to break out from these limiting habits. 

Some common habits Canfield has observed includes showing up late to meetings, not returning phone calls on time, not allowing enough time for travel and working too many hours without breaks or exercise. 

Here are a few stepping stones to uproot your bad habits:

  • Clearly identify them. This step can be difficult, since the results of many habits are not evident until a certain time has passed.
  • Identify what your new patterns should be.  
  • Write down the benefits of setting these new habits. 
  • Set clear deadlines for when you want to complete these habits. 

Click the video to hear more about breaking bad habits.

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How to Break Bad Habits and Make Better Ones

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