While Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the biggest games in the world, Fortnite actually includes other modes as well. One of which is Fortnite Creative.

In this article we seek to explain everything you need to know about Fortnite Creative. Including what Fortnite Creative is and how to play Fortnite Creative.

What Is Fortnite Creative?

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Fortnite Creative is a free game mode where players can craft custom maps and matches in a sandbox-game environment. These creations can be shared with friends or the wider Fortnite community.

If you make a high-quality, unique map; there’s a chance that your creation will be featured in the Creative mode lobby for other players to see. Battle Royale also introduces interesting creations to the largest Fortnite audience by rotating them on the public map at a location called The Block.

fortnite creative mode assets

Creative mode gives players access to various game assets in order to create their own unique locations. These include props, building components, landscape features, traps, vehicles, and more.

You can use assets to simply construct an interesting location or create specialized game types such as deathmatches, parkour games, coin collection, or races.

How to Get Started With Fortnite Creative

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To create your own map, you simply need to go to the Fortnite Creative lobby and start your server. There you’ll find a “personal rift” which, when interacted with, will give you the option to Create New Island. On a platform behind your personal island rift, you will see other featured islands or saved maps.

When you create an island, you can choose different biomes or a layout for The Block. Your island creates a personal instance where you can begin crafting your map.

Your progress saves as you build, but you can only use a certain number of assets. Each asset has a specific memory value and the game allocates you 100,000 memory for your creation.

To access different assets, select the Inventory option. This opens a window with various asset kits to choose from. Add assets to your inventory, select them, and place them. Galleries, for example, will include a series of props and building elements. Simply copy these objects and place them on your map as desired.

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You aren’t bound by normal movement or construction mechanics in this mode. For example, players can enable a flying mode that allows their character to levitate while building. You also place and remove assets by using a special in-game device (resembling a smartphone) that includes a variety of commands such as copy, paste, delete, or rotate.

You can adjust settings for your game using the My Island menu. Here you can adjust the game type, game settings, UI settings, island tools, description, and player permissions.

Since it is a sandbox mode, you’re free to try out different mechanics and set up your own unique locations. The best way to get to know the mode is to play around with it. Experiment!

How to Publish a Map in Fortnite Creative

To publish an island and share it with the community, you first need to apply to the Support-a-Creator Program. This, unfortunately, disqualifies many players since they need to meet certain criteria. You can also apply through an Epic Games Creative form submission to have your island considered for The Block or a featured spot.

If you sign up to the program and receive publishing permissions, you can publish your island under the My Island menu. This gives your map a 12-digit code that you can share with others.

Occasionally, Epic Games contacts players whose videos and pictures of their islands attract attention on platforms like the Fortnite Creative subreddit.

Accessing Fortnite Creative Maps With Codes

fortnite creative mode use island code

Any player can access shared community maps—you don’t need special permissions as is the case with publishing. To load another map, you simply need to enter the island code for the specific map.

To enter a map code, approach one of the featured island windows in the Creative player hub. When you are close enough, you will see the option to Change Destination. Once you do this, you can enter the island code of the map you want to visit. Fortnite provides a list of potential islands to visit if you want to explore other creations.

You can also find island codes on community forums such as the aforementioned Fortnite Creative subreddit. There are also websites that share popular Fortnite Creative maps, such as DropNite, Fortnite Creative HQ, and Fortnite Tracker Network.

Can You Make Money From Fortnite Creative?

Some of the attention paid to Fortnite Creative comes from the possibility of making money through the mode. However, there is no direct way to make money from the mode—even if Epic features your map in Creative, The Block or as a limited-time-mode in Battle Royale.

Basically, anything you submit is subject to the game’s terms, which means that what you publish belongs to Epic and the company doesn’t have to compensate you.

As the terms explain:

“If we pick your Block, we aren’t required to attribute it to you or compensate you. Anything you submit to us is subject to the Epic Games End User License Agreement which means, among other things: Epic has the right to make use of anything you submit to us for any purpose, including for commercial purposes, without any compensation or notification to, or permission from, you. Epic isn’t obligated to use anything you submit to us. Epic isn’t responsible or liable for what others do with your submission.”

However, if you’re part of the Support-a-Creator program, it’s possible to make money from Fortnite Creative indirectly. If players enjoy your content enough to add you as their supported creator, you will make a commission from all of their V-Bucks purchases.

This commission is marginal, though. The exact rate depends on how many players support you. As Epic elaborates, if in-game supporters spend 50,000 V-Bucks in Fortnite, the creator would earn around $25.

Fortnite Creative is one way to attract the attention of players if you are part of the creator program. However, most creators choose streaming, video guides, and written tips as a way to attract player support.

Most people who play Fortnite Creative do it as a way to showcase their creations and make inventive maps, not to make money.

Secure Your Fortnite Creations

If you’ve invested time and effort into your Fortnite account, you should definitely take steps to protect it. Scammers are increasingly targeting Fortnite players, using accounts for financial information or drawing players into V-Buck scams.

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