How Will We Dine and Uber in the Post-Pandemic City?


AM: Seventh.

MC: Seventh child is now in the world. How do you pronounce this kid’s name?

AM: Okay, so Elon Musk was just on Joe Rogan’s podcast again. I was of the mind that he was trolling all of us and that this wasn’t actually the kid’s name, but it sounds like it is. So it’s X-Ash-A-12 [lit. X Æ A-12] is his name, which is named after his partner Grimes, the mother of this child tweeted something about it. Ash is an Elven pronunciation of AI, A-12 has something to do with their favorite fighter jet. Anyway, that’s how you pronounce it. I suspect the kid’s just going to go by Ash, but who knows.

LG: Wow. What I mean, what else is going on in the world of Elon Musk, Aarian?

AM: Oh man. Well Tesla reported last week that they had made a slim profit in the first quarter of 2020 which is always good news for them. It’s their third in a row, which they’ve never done before, but you know they are also suffering from the virus. Their assembly plant in Fremont has been closed down since March, so they haven’t been able to make cars, which is how they make money.

And Elon Musk is really upset about this and he’s gone on a rant both on Twitter, which is his favorite medium, but also on an earnings call with investors, which are usually these like incredibly boring calls where they talk about gross profit margins, but he went on this rant about freeing America last week. He wants to free America from shelter and place orders. He thinks he doesn’t think coronavirus is a hoax. I definitely, he wouldn’t go that far, but he does think shelter and place orders are an overreaction.

LG: But I guess if we do head out to outdoor cafes anytime soon, we’ll see Elon Musk there.

AM: Yes, Elon will be there with all of his children.

MC: Well, let’s take another break and when we come back we will go through our recommendations.


MC: All right, Aarian, you get to go first, what’s your recommendation?

AM: Okay. Every time I come on here, my recommendations get lamer and lamer. I don’t mean for this to be a plug, but it is. I just recently just signed up for a ton of magazine subscriptions. I already had a WIRED subscription, but I’m finding it’s such a lovely break now that my life is totally revolving around screens. I wake up, I sometimes exercise in front of a screen. I then open my work computer and start working and then after work it’s just basically like, well, what are we going to watch on TV today? It’s so nice to have something you’ve been holding your hand and read. Just go and read some magazines folks.

MC: What are some of the titles that you subscribe to if you’re at liberty to say?

AM: Sure. I subscribed to the New Yorker, which I’ve subscribed to and canceled in the past and now it’s back in my life as a magazine. Really great. Definitely get it and then also with my New Yorker subscription, we got a Vanity Fair subscription. Condé Nast, what a great producer of magazines.

MC: Lauren, what is your recommendation?

LG: My recommendation is Billions on Showtime. I had never watched Billions before. It is now in its fifth season. I am still on season number one. I am totally sucked into the world of pre-COVID, unfettered capitalism that this show offers. It’s great. Starts off with a bang. You’re totally sucked into the characters right away. I really liked Damian Lewis as an actor. Paul Giamatti and he’s great. Yeah, it’s really good. I’m enjoying it. I recommend Billions.


Source: How Will We Dine and Uber in the Post-Pandemic City?

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