TV Producer-Turned-Novelist: 'I Was Tired of Producing Other People's Dreams'

Stephanie Storey discusses her new novel, ‘Raphael, Painter in Rome’ and being Arsenio Hall’s in-house cheerleader.

14, 2020

1 min read

On this week’s episode of Get a Real Job, I chat with my former co-worker and current pal Stephanie Storey about her life and times in the TV-producing trenches, as well as her fearless leap into becoming a full-time novelist. Stephanie talks all about the creation of her new book, Raphael, Painter in Romeand gives a behind-the-scenes glance at working on shows like The Alec Baldwin Show, The Arsenio Hall Show and the Emmy-nominated The Writers’ Room for Sundance. (And luckily, she doesn’t mention my ability to eat EVERYTHING on our show’s craft services table on a daily basis.) 

Hope you enjoy our conversation and get fired-up by Stephanie’s enthusiasm to make things happen. Thanks for listening!

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‘I Was Tired of Producing Other People’s Dreams’

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