Instagram Launches a Creator Account

Plus, a new chocolate-making robot will make sweets right on your kitchen counter.

4, 2019

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Instagram’s new branded creators account is meant to encourage wannabe influencers and content makers to keep creating for Instagram. The account page says it will address “tips, tricks, updates, IGTV, behind-the-scenes, access, insights, and tutorials.” The account unsurprisingly focuses on IGTV, the long-form video arm of Instagram. 

Levi’s is announcing new jackets with Google’s Project Jacquard technology, which turns a portion of the fabric on the sleeve into a touch-sensitive remote control for phones. You’ll be able to answer calls, control your music and get directions by using hand gestures on the sleeve of the jacket. The standard Trucker Jacket will launch for $198 this fall. 

Palo Alto, California start-up CocoTerra has developed the world’s first kitchen countertop chocolate-making appliance. There is also a companion app that guides users step-by-step during the chocolate making and includes recipes to tailor-make chocolate down to choosing the origin of the bean. The company raised $2 million in angel financing. 

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Instagram Launches a Creator Account

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