Jamba Juice Is Changing Its Name

Smoothie franchise Jamba Juice announced earlier this month that the company intends to change its name by jettisoning the word “juice.”

According to a report from CNN, the move comes amid market trends that show consumers are buying less juice because they feel it contains too much sugar. Jamba also says it will reduce the sugar content of its beverages and add new menu items that feature ingredients like acai and spirulina.

For franchisees of the 800-plus location chain, this change means investment in new signage and menus and general alterations to meet the company’s new style, which will be unveiled later this year.

Dominos Pizzas Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Inspect Its Pizzas  

It seems that customer complaints about the inconsistency of toppings adorning Dominos Pizza pies moved the Michigan-based company to action. The brand is now using cameras, controlled by artificial intelligence technology, to make sure that each pizza is just right. The cameras, which observe each pizza as it comes out of the oven, are so far operational only in Dominos locations in Australia and New Zealand.

“This means our team members won’t lose focus on quality during busy periods and our customers can have greater confidence in our products,” said Nick Knight, CEO of Domino’s Australia, as part of a statement.

The tech behind the new feature comes from Dragontail Systems, an Australia-based firm that focuses on software used in the operation of restaurants.

Friendly’s Founder, Curtis Blake, Shuffled Off This Mortal Coil

Curtis Blake, who with his brother S. Prestley founded Friendly restaurants—a chain that would later become Friendly’s—bid farewell to the living May 24 at the age of 102.

The first location, according to a report from The New York Times, opened in 1935 in Springfield, Massachusetts, and focused on ice cream. Operating as a diner and ice cream parlor, the brand found its way into the hearts of its many regulars, and the chain grew to hundreds of locations before the brothers sold the business to Hershey Foods for $164 million. It’s now owned by Sun Capital Partners, a private equity firm that acquired the brand in 2007. There are currently 171 units in operation.

Source: Jamba Juice Is Changing Its Name

By Karsten Strauss, Forbes Staff

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