Netflix is staffing up all over the world, from its Hollywood studios to its offices in Singapore and the Netherlands, in a wide variety of positions from workplace-services roles to senior-engineering and production jobs, Business Insider found by analyzing job listings posted on LinkedIn during the week ending August 30.

The streaming giant posted more than 90 new openings worldwide, including:

  • a narrative-design job working with the team behind “Black Mirror: Beerntsen”
  • a senior analytics engineer tasked with evaluating the budgeting, staffing, and other needs at Netflix productions
  • an analytics and strategy liaison to the teams developing the product and marketing campaigns for Netflix originals
  • an analyst role for a fluent French speaker whose primary job would be watching, tagging, and researching movies and TV shows.

Roughly a quarter of the positions were at the management level, and another fifth were senior or director-level roles, including director of content financial planning and analysis for Netflix’s international originals.

Here are some of the highlights for job seekers.

Netflix is staffing up mostly in California and the Netherlands.

The majority of listings from the past week are for jobs based out of California at either Netflix’s Los Gatos headquarters or Hollywood home base.

In Los Angeles, there are more than 30 openings for a mixture of positions supporting studio production, content development, and marketing, as well as operational roles.

The bulk of the job openings at Netflix’s Los Gatos offices come with engineering or operational responsibilities.

Netflix also has nearly a dozen new listings for posts in Amsterdam in a variety of fields, from post-production work for its international originals to tax analysis and talent acquisition. Most of the new roles out of Amsterdam focus on Netflix’s operations in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The streaming giant also posted a handful of new positions in Singapore that center on its operations in the Asia-Pacific area, including one job that’s focused on public policy and government relations.

In Japan, Netflix is hiring producers for anime and live-action programming.

These are the top 10 places where Netflix ramped up hiring last week:

  • Los Angeles: 32 new job postings
  • Los Gatos, California: 24
  • Amsterdam: 11
  • Singapore: 8
  • Mexico City: 3
  • London: 3
  • Tokyo: 2
  • Salt Lake City: 2
  • Mumbai, India: 2
  • Berlin: 2

The streaming giant has quite a few new operational openings too.

As job hunters might expect, Netflix has the most openings in roles supporting studio production, content development, and its engineering teams.

But the media and tech company is also hiring for more than a dozen logistical and operational roles, including workplace and employee services, travel management, and internal events. Many of those positions are in California, with a few in Singapore, Mexico City, and the Philippines.

There are also about a dozen finance-related roles open around the world, most of which are tied to production or content planning and analysis.

Overall, most of the studio-related openings are focused on Netflix’s international originals, followed by nonfiction and animated programming.

Source: Netflix job openings: New listings in production, finance, engineering

By Ashley Rodriguez

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