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South Africa recruitment startup LinkdPro has switched to a subscription-based model and added a host of new features as it looks to boost adoption.

Launched in 2016, LinkdPro is a niche skills marketplace of independent professionals, ranging from strategy consultants and on-demand CFOs to ex-investment bankers and industry sector experts.

As it looks to boost uptake, the startup is now making tweaks to how it operates, with the primary change being a transition to a subscription-based business model from the previous commission-based approach.

The new model has a variety of tiers that accommodate almost any size of business, from startup to JSE-listed entity, with LinkdPro co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Scelo Makhathini saying the packages make it easy for businesses to find and hire freelancers as their need for talent increases or decreases.

“Our biggest undertaking is the change in our business model, however the ones we are most excited about are the introduction of key features that we believe will make it even easier for businesses to connect with LinkdPro freelancers,” he said.

These new features include direct messaging and video calling functionalities, which LinkdPro believes will help in closing the gap between businesses and freelancers. The startup has also moved into other verticals, such as fixed-term contractors and semi-retired C-suite executives.

Source: SA recruitment startup LinkdPro adapts model, adds features

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