At IFA 2019, Everbrilliant in conjunction with Supreme demonstrated an outstanding real-time translation platform, capable of converting spoken languages into your native tongue and vice versa. Through cloud processing, a companion mobile app on both Android and iOS, and a dual channel Bluetooth 5.0 earpiece, a truly brilliant technology experience emerges.

Real time language translator app

Can you imagine going back 50 years and telling people about this device? By placing an earpiece in your ear, you can understand anyone speaking almost any language. If two people use this device they can both converse even if neither knows a common language.

This technology only existed in the realms of science-fiction books 50 years ago, so it would be mind-blowing back then. It’s still outstanding today, and it can be easy to underestimate how much potential this device has.

Real time language translator earphones

This platform runs on the cloud, but Bluetooth 5.0 headsets are available to enhance the experience. While one of the headsets is essentially a Bluetooth headphone, the other supports two-way communication with the translation app. You phone can redirect the translated audio to your headset.

One massive benefit of using a custom headset is the flexibility offered through the translation services. Using this system, you can start a discussion with a group of people. Each person can have a different language translation routed to them through their own headset. If you’re speaking in German, your colleagues could have French, Spanish, English and so on.

The headsets cost $50 (headphones) and $79 (intelligent earbud).

Real time language translator earpiece

As the app uses an artificial intelligence cloud to provide the voice to text service, not every language is available on the system yet. If you need real-time voice translation, there are 33 languages available. If you’re willing to switch to a written text only service, the total languages goes up to 59. The selection of languages is steadily increasing.

Having used this system recently, it works incredibly well. Even on a noisy trade show floor, it had no problem recognizing, interpreting, and then translating a variety of different languages. It feels like the future has arrived now, and there’s nothing stopping you talking to another person, with a live, real-time translation service in your ear.

Source: Speak All the Languages With This Real-Time Language Translator

By Joe Coburn

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