Spotify has released a new music podcast all about the past decade in music. Called The Decade Wrapped, the podcast delves into the stories behind the artists, albums, and songs that have dominated the past decade. And there are some fascinating insights.

With the 2010s drawing to a close, everyone is in a reflective mood. And Spotify is no exception. Spotify recently released Wrapped 2019

Spotify Wrapped 2019 Reveals Your Music Tastes

Spotify Wrapped 2019 Reveals Your Music Tastes

Spotify Wrapped 2019 is now available. Spotify Wrapped reveals your listening habits through the year and the decade as a whole.
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, revealing your music tastes over the past year. And with it being 2019, Spotify has also looked back over the past decade.

Spotify Launches The Decade Wrapped Podcast

Spotify’s new 10-episode series is called The Decade Wrapped, and it takes a journey through the 2010s via the music that helped shape them. This original podcast from Spotify revisits “the music stories that defined pop culture between 2010 and 2019.”

Spotify revealed The Decade Wrapped in a post on For the Record. The podcast is hosted by Eric Eddings, who is joined by “critics, comedians, influencers, and writers”. With their help, Eddings takes a deep dive into the stories behind the shifts in music.

Each episode looks at a single year in the decade, analyzing the big shifts in music that occurred that year. The first three episodes are available right now, with the rest of the episodes being released over the course of the next week.

The first episode is all about “female-driven pop” such as Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift, with Nicki Minaj taking the starring role. The second episode is focused on One Direction, whose first album and tour inspired a generation of internet-literate youngsters.

Visit: The Decade Wrapped on Spotify

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The Decade Wrapped is a phenomenal listen, even for those of us who consider other decades of music to be far superior to the 2010s. And for those people who think Bruno Mars, Drake, Ariana Grande, and Lizzo are worth stanning, it’s a must-listen.

Spotify is getting into podcasting in a big way. In October, Spotify introduced the option to add podcasts to playlists

You Can Now Add Podcasts to Spotify Playlists

You Can Now Add Podcasts to Spotify Playlists

Spotify now lets you add podcasts to playlists. These can be new or existing playlists, and contain a mix of music and podcasts.
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, and in November, Spotify launched the Your Daily Podcasts playlist

Spotify Launches Your Daily Podcasts Playlist

Spotify Launches Your Daily Podcasts Playlist

Spotify has launched a new personalized playlist called Your Daily Podcasts. And as the name suggests, it’s packed with podcasts.
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. So if you’re not a fan of podcasts, you can no longer get away from them.

Source: Spotify Launches a New Music Podcast

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