Spotify has launched another personalized playlist in the same vein as Discover Weekly and Release Radar. It’s called Your Daily Podcasts, and, unlike all of the previous personalized playlists Spotify has released, this one is all about podcasts.

Spotify Adds Podcasts to the Music Mix

Spotify is obviously full of songs you can listen to whenever you want. However, sometimes you don’t know what music you want to listen to. Which is where Spotify’s capacity to surface music you’re likely to enjoy comes into play.

The streaming service aids music discovery in a number of ways, but it’s now keen to help you discover new podcasts as well. In June 2019, Spotify launched Your Daily Drive

Spotify Launches “Your Daily Drive” for Commuters

Spotify Launches “Your Daily Drive” for Commuters

Spotify has launched a new playlist for commuters called Your Daily Drive. However, you don’t have to be a commuter to listen to it.
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, with a mix of music and podcasts. And now it’s launching a playlist dedicated solely to podcasts.

How to Listen to Your Daily Podcasts

Your Daily Podcasts is a personalized playlist packed full of podcasts. As with the music playlists, Spotify will analyze your listening habits. Then, based on your streams and follows, Spotify will make recommendations accordingly.

You’ll see classic episodes of podcasts you follow, the next episodes of podcasts you listen to, plus new podcasts based on your listening habits. And with so many great podcasts around these days, finding the best new podcasts is half the battle.

As detailed on For The Record, Your Daily Podcasts is available to Spotify listeners who have “listened to at least four podcasts in the past 90 days”. It’s available in the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

How to Add Podcasts to Spotify Playlists

Spotify has invested heavily in podcasts in recent years. So it’s no surprise to find the streaming service trying to get more people to listen to more podcasts. Whether this strategy will work as well as it does with music remains to be seen.

Even if none of the podcasts Spotify recommends to you through Your Daily Podcasts appeal, you can also add podcasts to Spotify playlists

You Can Now Add Podcasts to Spotify Playlists

You Can Now Add Podcasts to Spotify Playlists

Spotify now lets you add podcasts to playlists. These can be new or existing playlists, and contain a mix of music and podcasts.
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yourself. Which means you can create the perfect blend of music and podcasts to suit any occasion.

Source: Spotify Launches Your Daily Podcasts Playlist

By Dave Parrack

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