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The Syrian military has accused Israel of launching a missile attack on Israel.

The Syrian military in a statement on Sunday said that the surrounding area of the capital Damascus was attacked by Israeli missiles on Saturday night.

It said, however, that the Syrian air defence system successfully intercepted most of the incoming missiles.

There are currently no reports of casualties.

Syrian state television quoted the Syrian military statement as saying that the Syrian air defence system detected a number of Israeli missiles from the Golan Heights to the area around Damascus at 23:30 local time on Saturday, and immediately intercepted them.

According to the Syrians, most of the incoming missiles were destroyed before they could hit any target.

The Syrian News Agency said that the attack lasted until around 23:50 and that the Syrian air defence system intercepted most of the missiles in the southern region.

The Israeli military had issued a statement on Saturday night saying that it had attacked several targets in southeast Damascus by fighter planes.


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The statement alleged that the Syrian Islamic Revolutionary Guards under the “Hancheng Brigade” and other Shiite militants had tried to use drones to launch attacks on Israeli targets and that the Israeli military’s actions prevented its plans.

Israel has long recognised Iran’s expansion in the Middle East, saying it cannot tolerate Iran’s turning of Syria into a front-line position against Israel and has repeatedly attacked Syrian targets on the grounds of attacking Iran’s military facilities.

Syria and Iran have denied Iran’s presence in Syria.


Source: Syria accuses Israel of launching missile attack on Damascus

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