If you’re passionate about sustainability, you should protect your phone with a decent case to keep it out of a landfill for as long as possible. But not all phone cases are equally eco-friendly.

Ideally, the phone case you choose will be made from sustainable or recycled materials, it will be compostable or biodegradable, and it will look good, so you want to keep using it.

Choosing an eco-friendly phone case is no small task. So, we’ve gathered all the best options for you below.

Pela Sea Turtle Case for iPhone 11

Pela Sea Turtle Case for iPhone 11

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When you’re in the market for an eco-friendly phone case, you’re bound to come across Pela. This is by far the most highly-regarded brand producing sustainable phone cases, and it’s easy to see why.

Pela creates biodegradable cases for iPhone, Samsung, and Google phones in a range of colors and designs. Sometimes the delivery times run a little long, but Pela makes every phone case from bioplastic elastomer and flax straw materials, making it compostable and durable.

We’re particularly fond of the Pela Sea Turtle Case for iPhone 11. You can also choose from 18 other designs, various speckled colors, clear-backed, and even wallet-style phone cases as well.

A Good Company Samsung Galaxy Phone CaseBased in Sweden, A Good Company aims to make sustainable everyday products without sacrificing great design. Every single phone case from A Good Company is fully compostable. And four percent of every purchase is used to implement eco-friendly initiatives across the globe.

A Good Company offers over a dozen different designs for Samsung phone cases and over two dozen iPhone case designs. These range from pop art to leopard print to plain black. If you get tired of your case, you can always recycle it and get a discount on your replacement.

The Leafy Green Phone Case for the Samsung Galaxy S20 could serve double-time as a stylish accessory and a reminder of your sustainable purchase. Not only are all these phone cases compostable, but A Good Company plants a tree for each one sold.

MMORE Organic Coffee Phone CaseEvery phone case from MMORE is handcrafted and made from recyclable, sustainable materials. Even better than that, you can choose to include coffee, lavender, jasmine, and other organic materials in the construction to make your phone case unique.

Customers say the aromas from these phone cases are relaxing without being too intense. Alongside the pleasant smells, these cases also prove themselves to be durable and protective.

The Organic Coffee Case is particularly popular—who doesn’t love the smell of coffee?—and it’s available for a wide range of iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei devices. You can even add a personalized engraving to make these eco-friendly phone cases even more special.

POPSICASE Mediterranean recycled iPhone casePhone cases from POPSICASE are part phone case, part lollipop, and 100 percent recycled. Slide the aluminum handle down from the back of the case to get a better grip on your iPhone. It’s perfect for FaceTime or watching videos when you’ve only got one free hand.

The case itself is made from abandoned fishing nets, while the handle is made from scrap aluminum. When you’re finished with your phone case, return it to POPSICASE to have it recycled into a new one. POPSICASE also helps the planet by compensating for CO2 emissions through shipping and contributing profits towards ocean conservation.

Unfortunately, POPSICASE’s recycled phone cases are only available for the iPhone, but at least there are plenty of designs to choose from. We’re fans of the sea-life design on the Mediterranean Sea POPSICASE; you can also get a naked model of the same design if you prefer it without the handle.

REVEAL Izu Cork Case for iPhone 8

REVEAL Izu Cork Case for iPhone 8

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With its wood and rubber design, REVEAL offers some of the most stylish eco-friendly iPhone cases on the market. You can find cases made of cork, bamboo, walnut, and other woods, knowing they’re sustainably sourced wherever possible.

Unfortunately, REVEAL makes no mention of where the rubber comes from. But the company compensates for this by donating to non-profit organizations and planting a tree for every purchase.

REVEAL only offers eco-friendly phone cases for iPhones. But you can also buy similarly designed earphones, wireless chargers, and travel speakers from REVEAL that work with any phone.

The Izu Cork iPhone Case features a relaxing sunset design on the back. Sit back and admire it while feeling confident that the cork is sustainably sourced, and the rubber bumper will protect your iPhone from drops.

Loam & Lore iPhone 11 cases in different colors

The phone cases from Loam & Lore are made from plant-based materials, making them 100 percent compostable. When you’re done with your phone case, stick it in the compost bin at home, and it will completely break down within two years.

Even better, since Loam & Lore uses recyclable packaging, the entire product line is absolutely waste-free. This company also donates 10 percent of all its profits to the Amazon Conservation Team.

Loam & Lore offers an Eco-Friendly iPhone 11 Case and cases for Samsung and Huawei phones in mint green, pink, or black. Each case features a subtle engraving on the back, giving the case a little bit of texture, and they all offer drop protection as well.

7. Any Used Phone Case

The most sustainable or eco-friendly phone case available is the one you already own. If you already have a case for your phone, you should avoid buying a new one unless you really need one. Even if you want to have a biodegradable or sustainable phone case, you’ve already purchased the original one, so you might as well use it.

That said, this usually isn’t an option when you get a new phone. And it’s definitely a good idea to buy some sort of case to protect your new phone from damage. Rather than rushing to buy a brand new phone case, consider the used phone case market instead. Even if these phone cases aren’t biodegradable or eco-friendly, they already exist, so it makes sense for them to get as much use as possible.

Make Your Phone as Eco-Friendly as Possible

Buying an eco-friendly case for your phone is a great way to live more sustainably. It’s important to make wise purchases like this, but those aren’t the only actions you can take to help the planet.

If you want to know where to get started, check out these eco-friendly lifestyle apps

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that can help you get through it. With a sustainable phone case and a few of those apps, your iPhone will be physically and virtually eco-friendly.

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