The best games of 2020: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC

2020 is a year in which we could all use an escape. There’s so much going on in the world, and so much of it is overwhelming, that even an hour away from the doom and gloom can be a welcome respite. It’s a time when video games can seem more vital than ever.

Thankfully, 2020 is also a year full of great interactive experiences. That could mean the return of beloved franchises like Animal Crossing on the Switch, Final Fantasy VII on PS4, or Half-Life in virtual reality, or inventive indie titles like Murder by Numbers or the final act of Kentucky Route Zero. Even Call of Duty has seen a resurgence, thanks to the free and accessible Warzone spinoff.

As with last year, we’re going to be keeping tabs on all of the best games throughout the year. If we play something and recommend it, you’ll find it right here on this landing page, which will be updated regularly, so be sure to check back. And if you see the little “best games of 2020” badge on a review, know that it’s a title we truly love.

Source: The best games of 2020: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC

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