Blender is one of the best free 3D modeling programs available for anyone who wants to create computer graphics. It’s polished and powerful, going so far as to outshine quite a few paid alternatives.

If you use this highly recommended piece of open-source software for 3D modeling, texturing, animation, and more on your Windows PC, why not give your workflow a leg-up by becoming familiar with the most useful Blender keyboard shortcuts? You can discover them in our cheat sheet below.

We have grouped the shortcuts into logical sections like Navigation, Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Rendering, and so on to make it easy to find specific shortcuts.

Keep in mind that keyboard shortcuts vary from one Blender version to another. The ones below are applicable to version 2.8 of Blender on Windows.

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Blender 2.8 Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Windows

Shortcut Action
Shift + A Add object/node
X OR Delete Delete
F3 Search for function
G Move
S Scale
R Rotate
R + X/Y/Z Rotate along global axis
R + XX/YY/ZZ Rotate along local axis
Double press R Free rotate with trackball
Shift (hold) Precise movement
Ctrl (hold) Incremental movement
Shift + D Duplicate
Alt + D Duplicate linked
H Hide
Alt + H Unhide all
Shift + H Hide all except selected
D (hold) + ¹LMB (drag) Annotate
D (hold) + ¹RMB (drag) Erase annotation
Q Quick favorites
Window Shortcuts
T Toolbar
N Properties bar
Ctrl + Space Maximize area (but keep toolbar)
Ctrl + Alt + Space Fullscreen area
Ctrl + Alt + Q Quad view
Alt + Z Toggle X-Ray view
NumPad 7 Top view
NumPad 1 Front view
NumPad 3 Right view
Ctrl + NumPad 3 Left view
NumPad , Center selected
Shift + ^ Walk navigation
Change Windows
Shift + F2 Movie Clip
Shift + F3 Nodes
Shift + F4 Python Console
Shift + F5 3D Viewport
Shift + F6 Graph
Shift + F7 Properties
Shift + F8 Video Sequencer
Shift + F9 Outliner
Shift + F10 UV/Image
Shift + F11 Text
Shift + F12 Dope Sheet
General Selections
¹LMB Select
A Select all
Alt + A OR Double press A Deselect all
B OR ¹LMB (drag) Marquee box select
C Circle select
Ctrl + ¹RMB Lasso select
Ctrl + i Invert selection
Shift + L Select linked
Shift + G Select similar
Alt + ¹LMB Select from many
¹MMB Orbit
Shift + ¹MMB Pan
Scroll OR Ctrl + ¹MMB Zoom in/out
Shift + ~ Fly
Object Mode
Ctrl + Tab Open pie menu
Tab Edit OR Object mode toggle
Ctrl + M then X/Y/Z (OR ¹MMB(drag) Mirror
Ctrl + P Set parent (last selected)
Alt + P Clear parent
Shift + Tab Toggle snapping
Alt + G Reset position
Alt + R Reset rotation
Alt + S Reset scale
Ctrl + A Apply location / scale / rotation
Ctrl + J Join selected objects
Ctrl + L Copy attributes to new objects
Ctrl + 0/1/2/3/4/5 Add subdivision level
Alt + B Mask view to region OR Clear mask
Shift + C Center 3D cursor
M Move active object to collection
Ctrl + Alt + NumPad 0 Move active camera to view
Ctrl + NumPad 0 Set as active camera
Selection in Edit Mode
Ctrl + L Select connected mesh
L Select connected mesh under cursor
Alt + ¹LMB Select edge loop
Ctrl + Alt + ¹RMB Select edge ring
1 Vertex select mode
2 Edge select mode
3 Face select mode
Ctrl + Shift + M Mirror current selection
Ctrl +/- Grow/Shrink image
Ctrl + E Edge crease
Curve Editing
E OR Ctrl + ¹RMB Add new handle
V Change handle type
Ctrl + X Delete but maintain connection
Alt + C Close curve
Ctrl + T Tilt
Alt + T Clear tilt
E Extrude
i Inset
Ctrl + B Bevel
Ctrl + Shift + B Bevel vertices
Ctrl + R Loopcut
G,G Vertex/Edge Slide
K Knife
F Fill face
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S Shear
Shift + W Bend
Y Split
V Rip
Alt + V Rip fill
Alt + M Merge
Shift + N Recalculate normals
Ctrl + Shift + N Invert normals
O Proportional editing on/off
Shift + O Proportional falloff type
P Separate to new object
U Unwrap
Ctrl + E Mark seam
UV Editor
L (under cursor) OR Ctrl + L Select island
V Stitch
Shift + W Weld
P Pin
Alt + P Unpin
Shift + P Select pinned
Image Editor
N Properties, Scopes, Slots and Metadata
1 (NumPad) View at 100%
Shift + Home View to fit
J Next render slot
Alt + J Previous render slot
1-8 Select render slot
Alt + S Save image
Shift + S Save image as
Image Editor (Paint)
Alt + N Create new blank image
Alt + O Open image
N Brush properties
F Brush size
Shift + F Brush strength
S Sample color
X Flip brush colors
Ctrl + ¹RMB (drag) Cut connection
F Connect selected
N Properties
Ctrl + X Delete selected but maintain connection
Ctrl + Shift + D Duplicate selected and maintain connection
M Mute selected
Ctrl + G Group selected
Ctrl + Alt + G Ungroup selected
Tab Enter/Exit group (Toggle)
Ctrl + J Frame selected nodes
Ctrl + H Show/Hide inactive nodes
Alt + ¹MMB Move backdrop
V / Alt + V Zoom backdrop
N Properties and performance
Shift + Space Brush image
F Brush size
Shift + F Brush strength
Ctrl + F Brush angle
R Angle control
E Stroke control
B Mask (box)
M Mask (brush)
Alt + M Clear mask
Ctrl + i Invert mask
H Hide (box)
F12 Render
Ctrl + F12 Render animation
Ctrl + F11 Playback rendered animation
Ctrl + B Set render region
Ctrl + Alt + B Reset render region
Animation (General)
Space Play/Pause playback
Ctrl + Shift + Space Reverse play
Alt + Scroll Scroll through frames
Left/Right Arrow Next/Previous frame
Shift + Left/Right Arrow First/Last frame
Up/Down Arrow Jump to keyframe
I Add keyframe
Alt + i Delete keyframe
Animation (Dopesheet)
Ctrl + Tab Toggle Dopesheet
Ctrl + T Toggle frames/seconds
Home OR NumPad . Zoom to fit active keyframes
T Set keyframe interpolation
V Set keyframe handle type
Shift + E Set keyframe extrapolation
Ctrl + M Mirror keyframes
P then ¹LMB (drag) Set preview range
Ctrl + Alt + P Auto set preview range
Alt + P Clear preview
M Marker
Ctrl + M Rename marker
Ctrl + B Bind selected camera to selected marker
[ / ] Select keyframes before/after current frame
Ctrl + K Select all keyframes on current frame
Graph Editor
Ctrl + ¹RMB Add keyframe at cursor
N Properties and modifiers
Tab Lock selected channel
Rigging (Armatures)
E Add new bone
Shift + D Duplicate bone
Shift + W Bone settings
Ctrl + R Roll
Alt + R Clear roll
Shift + N Recalculate roll
Ctrl + Alt + A Align bone
Alt + F Switch bone direction
Alt + M Merge bones
Ctrl + X Dissolve bones
Y Split
P Separate
] and [ Scroll hierarchy
Posing Mode
i Add keyframe
Alt + G Clear location
Alt + R Clear rotation
Alt + S Clear scale
Ctrl + A Apply pose
Alt + P Propagate pose
Ctrl + E Push pose from breakdown
Alt + E Relax pose to breakdown
Shift + E Pose Breakdowner tool
Ctrl + C Copy pose
¹LMB = Left Mouse Button

MMB = Middle Mouse Button

RMB = Right Mouse Button

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