The Story of How the First WakandaCon Came to Be

The convention, based on the “Black Panther” movie, has found incredible success after just two events.

16, 2019

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In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner C1 Revolution talks with the founder of WakandaCon.

The creator and founder, David Barthwell, had the idea of WakandaCon because he wanted to go to Wakanda, to transport himself into an environment where he felt he was living a version of the Black Panther movie. 

The founder describes the festival as a “three-day Afro-futuristic convention celebrating black nerd culture, self-expression, cultivating visions of a real utopia for communities around the diaspora.” Outside of planning birthday parties, Barthwell says he had no previous experience planning events. Within the first week of the event’s webpage going up, 10,000 people had signed up.

Barthwell says that if he could give his younger self advice, he’d recommend purchasing cryptocurrency Bitcoin as well as committing to trusting his instincts. 

Click the video to hear more. 

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The Story of How the First WakandaCon Came to Be

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