The Amazon returns desk in a Kohl's store.

Hate scheduling Amazon pickups or lugging your packages to the UPS depot on the other side of town? Kohl’s partnership with Amazon makes it dead simple to return your Amazon stuff—they even pack it up for you.

In a marketing bid that we have to admit is pretty brilliant, somebody somewhere in the bowels of the Kohl’s marketing department came up with the idea to install Amazon return counters in hundreds of Kohl’s department stores across the United States (except the stores in Anchorage, Alaska; don’t ask us what they have against easy returns).

All you have to do is start the return process here, you’ll get a QR code via email you can either print off or pull up on your phone at the store, the Kohl’s employee will scan the code and pack up your return, and you’re done!

And, although they don’t officially talk about it on the Kohl’s corporate page explaining the Amazon return process, the unofficial policy seems to be to give you a 25% off coupon to use in-store. Not only do you avoid having to pack and ship your stuff, but if you need anything else, you can always take advantage of the coupon. It’s perfect for those times you realize you probably should have bought your towels in person to avoid ending up with cheap ones that feel like they’re made of barbwire and fiberglass.


Source: They Pack It, You Get a Coupon – LifeSavvy

By Jason Fitzpatrick

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