This Tiny-Yet-Genius Device Backs up Your Phone Every Time You Charge It

Back up your phone on the go with this pocket-sized device.

9, 2020

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We do a lot of business on our phones these days. That’s why it’s more important than ever to back up your device consistently. But what happens when your device is lost or critically damaged? Unless you’ve been regularly backing up your files to the cloud, you might be out of luck. Now, imagine if it were as easy to remember to back up your phone as it is to charge it? It can be with TOKK™ Photo Cube.

TOKK™ Photo Cube automatically backs up your phone in just minutes when you plug it in to charge. This physical device has a 64GB hard drive that works with both iOS or Android devices. Just connect it to your charger at night before you go to bed and TOKK™ Photo Cube backs up all of your data, including photos and videos, your contacts, your calendar, and more while you sleep. It’s like having a second copy of your phone on an external device that updates every time you get a charge.

The device also features a smart backup design that alerts you when the memory card is full so you can open up space accordingly to save more recent data. It’s an extremely elegant, simple backup solution. And the best part is as long as you remember to plug your phone in, you’ll remember to back up your files. 

TOKK™ Photo Cube is normally $99.99 but you can save 30 percent off when you get it for $69.99. That’s a small price to pay for a reliable backup plan.

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This Tiny-Yet-Genius Device Backs up Your Phone Every Time You Charge It

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