Two Thirds Of Industry Leaders In Capgemini Survey Hope To Be Using 5G Within 2 Years


Research Institute’s latest report into industry’s reaction to 5G technology has found that most industries are ready to adopt 5G technologies within the next two years and many of these are ready to operate their own private 5G licenses too.

Capgemini asked a range of industrial company executives which technologies they saw as a key enabler to their business’s development over the next five years and 84% said cloud computing and 75% said 5G. 5G is seen to be the answer to connectivity challenges currently faced by businesses.

The Capgemini Research Institute surveyed over 800 executives from industrial companies in 12 countries: Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, U.K., and the U.S. Within this sample, it covered a dozen sub-sectors: aerospace and defense, airport and railway operators, automotive, chemical, consumer product, energy and utilities, industrial machinery, logistics, medical devices, pharma, and life sciences and semiconductor and hi-tech manufacturing.

Nearly two-thirds of industrial companies (65%) hope to be using 5G within two years. This rises to 75% in the U.K. and Itay, 69% in Spain, and 68% in the U.S. and Norway. Many companies even expect to be using 5G within a year, 35% of Italian firms, 30% of French firms and 27% of Canadian firms have this expectation.

The study also found that it is the larger manufacturers who are most ready to embrace 5G technology: 74% of firms with annual revenues above $10 billion expect to do so within the first two years, this compares to 57% with revenues between $500 million and $1 billion.

Businesses expect 5G to help real-time edge analytics, video surveillance, remote control of distributed production and AI-enabled or remote controlled motions.

Industry also indicated that it will pay more for the benefits of premium 5G services; 72% of firms will pay more for enhanced mobile broadband speed and increased capacity.

A third of industrial companies have plans to apply for their own 5G licenses, and again larger organizations make up the bulk of this, with 47% expressing an interest here. The desire for a private license is linked to greater autonomy, efficiency, cost savings and security concerns. Different countries will have different regulatory barriers that will govern this. 


Source: Two Thirds Of Industry Leaders In Capgemini Survey Hope To Be Using 5G Within 2 Years

By Anna Tobin, Contributor

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