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The UK Department for International Trade (DIT), in collaboration with the UK-SA Tech Hub, is looking for innovative South African startups to take part in the first Prosperity Games in Cape Town on August 5-6.

Developed within the framework of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Prosperity Games is a chance for South Africa’s tech founders to access learning and development opportunities.

The two-day event of workshops and simulations will include a virtual investment game where entrepreneurs will have the chance to sharpen their pitching skills. Budding entrepreneurs will also get the chance to improve their business knowledge and skills, with hands-on best practice advice from established tech founders.

“In South Africa, we find good entrepreneurs with relevant solutions to African challenges. Sometimes, their biggest barrier to securing funding is simply inexperience in how to frame, pitch and engage investors. The Prosperity Games is a perfect way to harness those critical skills while effectively building the network and relationships with potential investors,” said Shirley Gilbey, director for UK-SA Tech Hub.Applications close on July 28.

Source: UK government to host workshops for SA startups in Cape Town

By Tom Jackson

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