Watch Adam Savage make a flying Iron Man suit in his new show, Savage Builds

Adam Savage became a household name as the cohost of Mythbusters, and now, he’s returned to the Discovery Channel with a new show: Savage Builds. In each episode of the series, Savage goes out and builds something, consulting with other experts and builders. The series just began airing on Discovery, and the first episode, in which he builds a flying Iron Man costume, is available for free online (at least in the US) for the next two weeks.

Think of it like a builder’s version of Mythbusters: take a thing from pop culture or history, and make a version that functions as closely as possible to its on-screen counterpart. In the show’s first episode, Savage sets out to build a real, flying Iron Man costume that’s also bulletproof.

To do this, he 3D printed an entire suit of Iron Man Mark II armor from the Marvel films out of titanium. Once assembled, he takes some shots at it to see how well it holds up. To get it to fly, he enlisted the help of Gravity Industries’ Richard Browning, who’s known for designing and flying his own jetpack.

“This is a building show,” Savage says in a video for Tested, “the trials, the process, the tribulations, the collaborations, the failures.” The series will run for eight episodes, and will include builds like the British army’s Great Panjandrum, a trio of Mad Max-style cars, and more.

Source: Watch Adam Savage make a flying Iron Man suit in his new show, Savage Builds

By Andrew Liptak

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