A gloved hand holding some COVID-19 tests.

Testing for the coronavirus and related antibodies is critical, and discussion of the tests is all over the news. Here’s an in-depth look at the tests themselves.

The folks over at SciShow produce videos about everything from housecat behavior to the effects of deep space travel on the human body. Lately, just like the rest of us, they’ve been quite interested in the science behind the coronavirus outbreak and the resulting disease, COVID-19.

The following video offers an accessible look at the process of testing for COVID-19. It covers why it’s so time-consuming, complicated, and expensive. It also explains why new tests and methods come out so frequently.

If you want to learn more about a bunch of interesting science topics, we highly recommend you subscribe to the SciShow channel.

For those of you on a COVID-19 news detox, jump backward in their video playlist past all the pandemic-related content. You’ll find gems like Why You Think Your Phone Just Buzzed, Was Johnny Appleseed Wasting His Time?, and The Wonderful Reason Babies Hiccup So Much.


Source: Why Don’t We Have Better COVID-19 Tests? – LifeSavvy

By Jason Fitzpatrick

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