Why You Should Use the Extra Time You Have Now to Confront Problems You've Been Avoiding

The co-founder of Religion of Sports talks about how a period of uncertainty inspired the launch of a new podcast.

10, 2020

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On this episode of The Playbook, Gotham Chopra, Co-founder of the Religion of Sports and co-host of the Now for Tomorrow podcast, shares his insights on:

  • How his work with his company, Religion of Sports, has allowed him to learn from the practices of the world’s best professional athletes [4:20].
  • Why his new podcast Now For Tomorrow helps people confront the things they’ve been avoiding dealing with in their life, now that we have more time to reflect [7:08].
  • Why the best advice he ever received from his father, Deepak, is one simple phrase [13:15].
  • How the most important lesson he’s learned during quarantine is related to being of service to others [15:47].

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Why You Should Use the Extra Time You Have Now to Confront Problems You’ve Been Avoiding

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