You Can Now Share Your Screen on Google Duo

Google Duo is about to get better, as you can now share your screen with it.

Duo video calls are getting a major update, as the company is rolling out screen sharing for the service.

Google Duo screen sharing

Screen Sharing in Google Duo

Google accidentally announced screen sharing in Google Duo back in September. Android Police spotted a tweet from the company that was quickly deleted. The tweet read:

“Share more moments with your friends on Google Duo. Now you can use screen-sharing to browse photos and videos together, and plan activities all while on a video call.”

Since then, the feature has started rolling out to Android devices, and Google has formally announced it on The Keyword.

Using the feature is as easy as tapping the overflow button at the bottom menu in the middle of a call and choosing Screen Share. From there, you’ll show the other person whatever is on your Android device’s screen.

While sharing your screen, you’ll see your display as normal, but there will be an “Ongoing screen sharing” message displayed in the status bar or as a notification. Additionally, when you first start sharing your screen, you’ll see a message you’ll see a warning about potentially exposing sensitive information on your display. While this might seem obvious, it’s a nice reminder.

Screen Sharing in Google Duo Availability

The feature is rolling out to Android devices right now, though some users are reporting that they haven’t received the new feature just yet. If it’s not available on your version of Google Due, you’ll have to wait a little longer.


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