Young and creative Mayowa Okegbenle creates innovative approach to building apps for professionals

WePrototype Technologies, a new technology company in Nigeria, unveiled its brand on Tuesday, June 11th, in Lagos, to provide the latest Google technologies to Nigerians. This will be combined with prototyping to build mobile apps for professionals.

The Aim: While speaking during the unveiling event which held at the NECA House in Ikeja, Lagos, the company’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mayowa Okegbenle, said he understands the struggle many entrepreneurs face when trying to create the right app for their business. That is why Weprototype was founded.

Speaking on how Weprototype plans to proffer its solutions to the tech world, the company’s Clients’ Relations Officer, Maureen Omage, said that the idea of WePrototype is to change the narrative surrounding the tech world.

According to her, many entrepreneurs face a lot of disappointments when building and trying to get an exact app they want. She stated that most times, they are left with an underserving app. Other times, the developer abandons the project.

More Details: Also speaking was Folake Solaja, the Head of Marketing Communications, who stated that technology has created new opportunities for entrepreneurs, enhanced business prospects, and provided good user experience. She said that is why WePrototype Technologies is on board to contribute their quota to the industry.

According to Okegbenle, the focus of this company is to help senior professionals deliver on their entrepreneurial ambition. He also stated that Weprototpe caters for all entrepreneurial needs regardless.

Founder of WePrototype, Mayowa Okegbenle.

What Weprototype tends to solve: Speaking at the press conference, Okegbenle said that since Weprototype tends to provide technical services for people who are probably first-time entrepreneurs, the company ensures to give clear and direct advice to their clients to avoid making any mistake.

“We don’t just build mobile apps, we ask questions. Why do you want to build this? What’s the business objective? How will you make money? How would we define success? It is through these answers that we provide that technical ‘cofounder value’. It is through that dialogue we can say, yes! this is how we are going to help you build it, and this is how we will make sure it succeeds.”

He continued that since tech services are often expensive, the company has come up with an individual payment plan that will be convenient for its clients. He added that this payment plan can span off to several weeks or months to coincide with salary payments or other income.

What makes Weprototype different? According to Maureen Omage:

“At WePrototype Technologies, we use the Prototyping Methodolgy to deliver apps that succeed. We combine this methodology with the latest mobile app building tool from Google called ‘Flutter’ to build beautiful high-performance apps.

WePrototype doesn’t just build apps, it technically supports the entrepreneurs and provides the best solution for their business, by listening to our client perspective and advising them accordingly.”

Another advantage of WePrototype, according to Folake Solaja, is that it builds apps the right way and then provide a prototype which is a replica of the real app.

From the left, Maureen Omage (Client Service Relation) Mayowa (Founder) Folake Solaja (Marketing Communications) Seyi (Customer)

This helps the client to make corrections and adjustment and share with their consumers for approvals and certainties before developing the final app.

After this, they provide clients with marketing strategy, assist them to get a functioning website, register their business on Google search engine, and set up basic marketing processes for email marketing and social media marketing.

At the event, Seye Seton, the co-founder of VendorCredit and a client of WePrototype Technologies, shared his testimony, saying:

“The team at WePrototype Technologies have been fantastic in getting my project off the ground. I was amazed at their attention to details. VendorCredit app is truly amazing. It is exactly what I want it to Be. Everything was done according to schedule. I am happy with the app. It is now time for me to executive my marketing plans.”

Source: Young and creative Mayowa Okegbenle creates innovative approach to building apps for professionals

By Amaka Obioji

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